Tiny House Movement “build better, not bigger.”

“build better, not bigger.”

Before there was a movement, there was a desire and a need and some very creative, sustainable minded people. I consider myself one of “those” people. I am very proud and happy with the outcome of my tiny house project.…and proud to be living consciously on this planet, choosing a smaller footprint by living not smaller but with awareness. Awareness of my own impact on this planet and my impact on others.
Since I began my tiny house on wheels project, I have had several young women approach me, to see the tiny house and to ask “Can I do this?”
My answer is always “Yes”. I help them to really look at the construction, break it down so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. I advise them to take the time to know what they really want and what their needs are, develop a plan. From there put together a materials list. From the materials list one can have a realistic gauge for materials cost and a timeline that suits there needs and budget.
Then the inevitable next question is “But I don’t have the skills you have.” My reply: “You will learn. What you don’t know, research, ask questions, get books, draw lots of pictures, there is a lot of DIY information out there. People are happy to share. Make mistakes. It’s ok.” And with a smile I end by saying “use screws so if you make a mistake it is easy to correct”. 🙂
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