Your Choice: Space, Mobility, Freedom?

My conversation with all of you who would like to live the Big Tiny House Life.

For whatever reason, time constraints, feeling you lack the skills, just don’t know where to begin, the list goes on, I know firsthand.

I built this tiny house with the intention to sell unfinished. Why you may ask?

Honestly, one reason was for the income. But that wasn’t the only thing important to me.

Secondly, I have fibromyalgia. I was feeling limited, only a fraction of the being I remember myself to be. I have wanted to build a tiny house on wheels for at least six years. Now I have, and it has empowered me. Now I know, even with fibromyalgia I can do IT (whatever IT may be at the given moment). I also plan to build another one for me. I have the frame, doors and windows already.

Thirdly, I believe in and support the tiny house movement. I believe humans need to be aware of their footprint, impact, how they conduct themselves on and for this planet. And have fun and comfort in the midst of it all. I believe everyone has (should have) the right to build their own home without the complications and expense the codes and regulations require. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in building with standards for safety and quality.

And lastly because I feel good about providing the opportunity for someone else to fulfill their dream of living large in a tiny house, with more freedom(s) to choose living life as they see best for them. Sounds like freedom to me. What about you?

More About Your Opportunity
I’m selling this beautiful, strong, sound, well-balanced, functional Big Tiny House Dream unfinished, allowing for you to make it your own. The hard work is done. Now, you get to have the fun of determining the look (architectural style), feel, functionality, materials you prefer. My guestimate is that you could have this in livable condition within a month and within a budget you can afford. Your home is what you will make it. If that means sustainable, natural insulation, reclaimed wood floors and walls, funky handcrafted cabinets, on or off-grid, YOU CAN.

If you are new to the tiny house movement check out this link