Benefits of Living Smaller

Benefits of Micro Living

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Does size matter? It does when it comes to the growing real-estate trend of “micro homes.”

In a consumption-based society where “more is more,” there’s a surprising movement gathering steam. An increasing number of Americans are downsizing their homes and moving into “tiny houses,” which range from 65 to 400 square feet, according to the blog Tiny House Talk.

The benefits of living in a tiny house are almost too many to count. Monthly bills start to look like chump change. The homes are cozy and easy to manage, not to mention better for the environment. And the size limitation forces tenants to unclutter their life — getting rid of unwanted stuff and embracing a sense of minimalism and purpose.
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Tiny House Movement

Ready for your finishing touches

Before there was a movement, there was a desire and a need and some very creative, sustainable minded people. I consider myself one of “those” people.

I am very proud and happy with the outcome of my tiny house project. I am confident of its sound structure, it’s passive solar design, it’s aesthetic qualities and the functionality of it’s layout.

Wrapped in Tyvek and roofed with steel, the bigtinyhousedream is completely dried in and ready for you to choose your siding. The design purposefully lends itself to whatever style you like. Whether that be a cozy cottage, or contemporary minimalist look, feel and function.

The warm, comforting, ambient light inside is soothing. The windows allow for beautiful light and views abundant. Imagine yourself living next to a lake, stream or off-grid in the mountains or desert.

I am excited for the new owners of this well built home to present themselves. I can’t wait to see the enthusiasm in their eyes.