Features Tiny House on Wheels

Passive Solar Design. Correctly positioned with glass facing south, southeast for maximum solar gain and ambient light.

Layout Includes:
Two lofts with sleeping capacity of five. Loft 1 is large enough for a queen size mattress. Loft 2 provides either for a twin bed or storage.
Bath layout allows for corner shower, sink and toilet (either a compost or flange in place for alternative).
Full kitchen with sink below window, custom counter height of 39″ would allow for a front loading washing machine. Opposite, design provides for an under the counter refrigerator and stove/oven or a larger refrigerator could go above the wheel well box out.
Casual area on the East end of the Tiny House reveals ambient light via a large slide double pane energy efficient window. A murphy bed construction is possible above the north wheel well box out.

8’5″ wide x 22’2″ long x 13′ high (DMV regulation in most states max. dimensions to tow with no permit = 8’5″ x 13’5″ high by no specified length)
Square Footage
Overall        248
Main Level 167 sq.ft.
Loft 1             48
Loft 2             33

Frame, Axle, Tires, Wheels
Frame: Re-purposed and re-furbished strong 20′ Terry Travel Trailer
Axles: Dual axles rated for 5,000 lbs. each
Tires: New heavy duty trailer tires (brand posted soon) and wheel bearing dust covers
Wheels: Wired for brakes, wheel bearings ready to go

2 x 4 20’OC.
Foundation: Underneath vapor barrier black oil painted 1/4 ply, taped and flashed.
2 x 4 2’OC foundation with cross bracing glued, screwed and bolted to the frame, fiberglass insulated, with 1/2 ply sub-floor, sealed with house wrap tape

Walls were framed in sections, bolted and screwed together as well as to the foundation. Exterior sheathing 3/8″ ply, Simpson Tie steel structural strapping on exterior sheathing to prevent racking, wrapped in Tyvek house wrap ready for the siding of your choice.

Doors & Windows
Double pane, energy efficient windows and door. 1 French door. Total of 7 windows. All placed for optimal solar gain and ventilation. 2 slider windows in Loft 1.

Shed roof style, easy to install solar or water collection. Painted steel, 5/8″ OSB sheathing, roofing felt.

My estimate based on the  weight of the trailer frame (1000 lbs) and weight of materials, that the total weight is  approximately 3500-40000lbs. A 1/2 ton truck should be adequate to tow it. Check the ratings on your truck. I moved it a short distance with my 6 cylinder For Ranger with no racking and no problems.(Not recommended for any distance) The structure is well balanced. The trailer frame has a 2” hitch.