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First I want to thank everyone’s support and interest in following The Big Tiny House Dream. I’m on to new projects and adventures. The email associated with is no longer in service. You may now email me directly at In the next few days I will be posting images and text about my new project. I would like to get your input and feedback. I plan on taking my show on the road. Check back for a sneak preview of my vessel and my ideas.


Tiny House Sold! Yeah!

The new owner of the tiny house is a lovely women from San Diego, CA. Congrats to her and her new home.

I want to thank everyone who shared my links and helped me pass the word.

In perspective, I sold the tiny for basically the cost of materials. This wasn’t the profitable venture I thought it would be. However, my gain is in feeling good for the Tiny’s new owner and for this new choice and venture in her life. Further, I feel good about building the Tiny, the experience and knowledge gained.

In selling the tiny house what I heard most from tiny house enthusiasts: “Who/ where can I find someone to help me finish the tiny house?” and “I don’t have the skills or tools to build my own.”, “Contractors are so expensive.”…

Repeatedly hearing those questions, I find myself considering traveling and helping others with their tiny house projects.

If you have any interest and would like to talk about the possibilities send me an email

Again thank you to everyone who showed interest and support in my tiny house on wheels.



Bottom line. You won’t find a better deal. Tiny House on Wheels Now $11,900

Bottom line.

You won’t find a better deal.

Tiny House on Wheels Now $11,900

Literally it cost more for building materials and trailer frame at this price.

Need to sell now!

To put $ into perspective. A year of rent or mortgage:

$800.00 a month= $9600.00

$850.00 a month= $10,200

$900 a month= 10,800

$1000 a month= $12,000

 How could you go wrong? See the possibilities?

Imagine what you could do with the dollars that are not going into a roof over your head…or utilities for that matter.

What’s important to you?


Live Free Unbound In This Almost Free Tiny House on Wheels. Now $12,500

Live Free Unbound In This Almost Free Tiny House on Wheels. Now $12,500

Changing times calls for changing perspectives…

think-outside-the-boxBeing adaptive, creative thinkers, thinking outside the proverbial box of what a house, a home is or where it is.

Over the years I have listened to people ask “Where is that perfect place to live?”.

Or “All the perfect places are over populated.”

Or “There is no one perfect place. You have to choose and accept the drawbacks where you are.”

Or my personal non-favorite “The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.”

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s I had a response for the latter. “I know the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. I just want to see and experience it.”

With a tiny house on wheels, you HAVE the perfect place. And it is a place you don’t have to spend every waking hour stressing how you’re going to pay the mortgage, or working till so you are so tired and burnt out, your life looks like this: the-hamster-wheel-lifestyleYou go to work, come home tired and stress, rest and do it all again the next day. What have you done for you to fully enjoy your day? Your life? Day after day till…..

My goals? I want to travel. I’ve raised my family. Now it’s my time. I’ve done the own traditional homes, have a high powered jobs, stress after stress. No more! Now I want to be unbound, to travel, to experience and live a fuller, freer life. Building this tiny house on wheels and selling it was to be my seed money to make my goals happen. I admit, it has not turned out like I thought. I now have it priced soooooo low, my asking price doesn’t even cover the cost of materials. That said I still have my original goals and the desire for someone to be happy in this home living their dream and fulfilling their goals. It could be you.

I am not a manufacturer. I am a person who has the skills, vision and the chutzpah to build a tiny house on wheels. I am a person just like you. I am approachable.

Please take the time to look around my website and check out how well built this THOW is. Check out the thoughtful passive solar design. Even if you didn’t plan to live in a tiny house forever, if you finish it you could triple your investment.

When you are done checking out all the info on my website, give me a call, send me an email. I look forward to talking with you and meeting you.

Pat Quest

Lowest Price EVER Save $1000

Now offered at $13,900!!!!

My tiny house on wheels is for sale.  Drives her away and finish her to suit your needs and style! That gives you a wonderful place to be for under $20,000. Be brave, be free, be a pioneer in your own time, your way.

If you are daunted at the thought of finishing her, let me reassure you it is not rocket science. You can do it and you do not need a permit.

She’s ready for transport. Tow lights installed. Windows and door ready to be secured for the road. Come and get her now.

Check out the Features Page for all features or over the Features Menu for Quick Specs (or click this link). And find more Photos here. The Finishing Page reveals what is left to finish her. Perfect timing to create your own home. The hard work is done. She is ready for you to make her yours. Your style, your needs. Yours.

Please Contact Pat with your offer or questions.

Big As Life! How big do you want to live? Think Big Not Tiny!

Big As Life!

How big do you want to live?

Think Big Not Tiny!

On my Benefits Page I explored the benefits of living in a tiny house on wheels that were important to me. What is important to you?

Recently I celebrated my 61st birthday. For me birthdays are a time for reflection. What I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, how did I effect others’ lives. These questions and more I ask myself. Such as, were the choices I made in the last year in line with what I truly want for myself? Were they a step and a big enough step in the right direction? If not, what changes do I need to make? Most of the answers of in some form or another are in the way I think and view about the events, about me, my life. And reminding myself I can live outside the “American Norm”. It’s ok. It never worked for me at anytime in my life.

Have you every read Leo Tolstoy’s writings on the good life? If you haven’t I recommend you do, especially while on a remote camping trip alone. When reflection on one’s own life is open,  away from the daily intrusions.

Six Life Lessons from Leo Tolstoy

Lesson 1: Keep an Open Mind

Lesson 2: Practice Empathy

Lesson 3: Make a Difference

Lesson 4: Master the Art of Simple Living

Lesson 5: Beware Your Contradictions

Lesson 6: Expand Your Social Circle

Living simple doesn’t mean living with less. Living simple means putting focus on what’s truly important in life. We all define that for ourselves.