Tiny House Sold! Yeah!

The new owner of the tiny house is a lovely women from San Diego, CA. Congrats to her and her new home.

I want to thank everyone who shared my links and helped me pass the word.

In perspective, I sold the tiny for basically the cost of materials. This wasn’t the profitable venture I thought it would be. However, my gain is in feeling good for the Tiny’s new owner and for this new choice and venture in her life. Further, I feel good about building the Tiny, the experience and knowledge gained.

In selling the tiny house what I heard most from tiny house enthusiasts: “Who/ where can I find someone to help me finish the tiny house?” and “I don’t have the skills or tools to build my own.”, “Contractors are so expensive.”…

Repeatedly hearing those questions, I find myself considering traveling and helping others with their tiny house projects.

If you have any interest and would like to talk about the possibilities send me an email patquest@gmail.com.

Again thank you to everyone who showed interest and support in my tiny house on wheels.




Author: P. Sempre Qeust

As my last name suggests I am Always (Sempre) Questing (Quest).

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