Big As Life! How big do you want to live? Think Big Not Tiny!

Big As Life!

How big do you want to live?

Think Big Not Tiny!

On my Benefits Page I explored the benefits of living in a tiny house on wheels that were important to me. What is important to you?

Recently I celebrated my 61st birthday. For me birthdays are a time for reflection. What I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, how did I effect others’ lives. These questions and more I ask myself. Such as, were the choices I made in the last year in line with what I truly want for myself? Were they a step and a big enough step in the right direction? If not, what changes do I need to make? Most of the answers of in some form or another are in the way I think and view about the events, about me, my life. And reminding myself I can live outside the “American Norm”. It’s ok. It never worked for me at anytime in my life.

Have you every read Leo Tolstoy’s writings on the good life? If you haven’t I recommend you do, especially while on a remote camping trip alone. When reflection on one’s own life is open,  away from the daily intrusions.

Six Life Lessons from Leo Tolstoy

Lesson 1: Keep an Open Mind

Lesson 2: Practice Empathy

Lesson 3: Make a Difference

Lesson 4: Master the Art of Simple Living

Lesson 5: Beware Your Contradictions

Lesson 6: Expand Your Social Circle

Living simple doesn’t mean living with less. Living simple means putting focus on what’s truly important in life. We all define that for ourselves.


Author: P. Sempre Qeust

As my last name suggests I am Always (Sempre) Questing (Quest).

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